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What is an Appropriate Body?

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What is an Appropriate Body?

We are responsible for the administration and quality assurance of Early Career Teacher statutory Induction.

It is the Appropriate Body who makes the final decision on whether the ECT’s performance against the Teachers standards is satisfactory or not. It’s the ABs responsibility to make the final recommendation to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA).

The AB is also responsible for checking and supporting schools to ensure they meet the statutory requirements for all ECTs. We make sure that each ECT has:

  • A separate named mentor

  • An induction tutor

  • Receives the correct ECT time in year 1 and year 2

  • Has a written progress report in terms 1, 2, 4 & 5 and a formal assessment at the end of Term 3 and Term 6.

It is the Appropriate Body who can provide further detail and clarity for schools regarding the Statutory Guidance.

The AB is responsible for ensuring that they have an agreement with all schools who have registered ECTs with them that clearly sets out the responsibilities and expectations for the schools and the AB.

The AB is responsible for reading, reviewing and checking the progress reviews and formal assessments for each of the ECTs. We will also ensure that schools are collating a bank of evidence, over the Induction period, to show that an ECT is making sustained progress to consistently meeting the Teachers Standards.

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