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Paternity Leave

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Paternity Leave

Early Career Framework

The ECT will continue to engage with the ECF as normal until they start their paternity leave. Once they return, they will need to catch up with any session missed. They can use the flexible programme on UCL eXtend in this instance. If they miss any facilitated sessions whilst they are on leave, they must watch the recording on UCL eXtend in an appropriate timeframe (ideally within two weeks of the scheduled session).

Appropriate Body – Statutory Induction

Paternity leave is not classed as an absence. Therefore, your ECT will continue their induction as normal when they return. 

Please note: If your ECT decides to take shared parental leave (please see the government website here for more information), please refer to the advice under ‘Maternity Leave’. If you feel this advice is not suitable or applicable to your ECT, please contact us and we will advise you on an individual basis.

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