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Part-time ECT help

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Part-time ECTs

If you have an ECT who is part time working through the Early Career Framework, there are different options to consider when completing the Early Career Framework Programme:

You could:

·   Complete the ECF programme on a part-time basis. This would involve treating each ‘week’ on UCLeXtend as two weeks and completing the self-directed studies and mentor sessions when you have your allocated ECT time; however, this would mean that the programme takes longer to complete, and the facilitated sessions may not link directly to the focus for that term, so you will need to watch the recordings on UCLeXtend. There are flexible materials on UCLeXtend to support you in this instance.

·   Complete the ECF programme on a full-time basis by completing the weekly tasks as directed on UCLeXtend and attending the facilitated sessions where possible or watching the recording in an appropriate time frame (ideally within two weeks of the scheduled session). However, this may mean that you complete the ECF before the end of your statutory induction.*

*Please note: Engaging with the ECF programme is part of your entitlement as an ECT. However, the ECF is NOT assessed. Therefore, if you complete the ECF programme on a full-time basis whilst working part time (i.e., if you were working 0.5) you could complete this in the equivalent of two years, but your statutory induction would take four years unless a reduction was agreed with your Induction Tutor and the Appropriate Body. You will NOT be a fully qualified teacher until you have completed all assessment periods, and this has been approved by the Appropriate Body. In terms of statutory induction, the period that any ECT must serve for induction is the equivalent of 2 years full time. An ECT must complete a minimum of one full term for that term to contribute towards induction. For example, a part time ECT on a 0.5 contract would serve 4 years of 12 terms, which is equivalent to 2 years full time.

Induction Tutors

When registering ECTs for the Appropriate Body who are contracted for part time hours (anything less that FTE 1.0) this should be clearly indicated on the registration form along with the end date if it is a temporary contract.  The accuracy of the FTE is essential to ensure that the ECT completes the correct number of weeks for their statutory induction and that their formal assessments are completed at the end of the term equivalent to one and/or two years full time.

Any changes to the ECT’s contract and FTE should be changed immediately on ECT Manager to ensure the number of weeks induction are reflected accurately. Failure to notify the Appropriate Body or make changes on ECT Manager may result in the ECT having to complete a longer period on Induction than needed.

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