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Long term absence

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Long term absence

Early Career Framework

Contact the team at East Manchester Teaching School Hub and we will defer completion of the programme until the ECT returns. We will inform UCL who will temporarily suspend access to UCL eXtend. When the ECT returns, let us know and we will arrange for the account to be reactivated.

When returning to work the ECT should start to access the module materials they were completing when your long-term absence began. There are reduced, flexible materials on UCL eXtend which ensure the ECT has covered all the relevant ECF standards for that module. If the ECT contacts our team, we will reassign them to a relevant cluster for facilitated sessions and/or direct to the relevant UCL eXtend recordings. 

Appropriate Body - Statutory Induction

Length of Induction Period

Absence is recorded termly on either the progress review or formal assessment.

If an ECT has more than 30 days absence (with the exception of statutory maternity leave, statutory paternity leave, shared parental leave, statutory adoption leave, or parental bereavement leave) they will automatically have their induction period extended by that amount of time at the end of the year that the absence occurs.

If an ECT has 30 or more days absence in year on, they must complete an extension of year one before starting year two. Induction Tutors should bear this in mind when constructing timetables and being mindful of what year of induction the ECT is currently in and therefore what the entitlements are for that year (i.e., there should be a 10% reduction in timetable in year one, and a 5% reduction in year two).

If an ECT is unable to serve the extension in the same school, the minimum period of employment of one term or equivalent must be served in a new school to complete this stage of induction.

Interim Assessments

When an ECT leaves a post after completing one term or more in an institution but before the next formal assessment would take place (i.e., an ECT completes the Autumn term, returns at the start of the Spring term, but leaves just after February half term), the induction tutor or headteacher/principal is expected to complete an interim assessment. This is expected to take place before the ECT leaves the post to ensure that progress and performance since the last assessment is captured. This is especially important where concerns around progress may have arisen. The information recorded on the interim assessment report will help to ensure that induction can be continued effectively in any subsequent post. This is also required if an ECT leaves during the final term of induction.

In addition, if an ECT leaves an institution having started but before completing their extension to induction, the headteacher/principal should complete an interim assessment report and notify the Appropriate Body.

Induction Tutors should notify the Appropriate Body as soon as they are concerned about an ECT’s absence or receive notification from the ECT that they will be having an extended period of absence (e.g., operations, extended sick leave, bereavement etc).

The Induction Tutor should maintain contact with the Appropriate Body and notify them of any further expected changes in the ECT’s absence.

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