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ECT or Mentor going on Maternity leave

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I have an ECT or Mentor going on Maternity leave or long term absence

Statutory maternity leave is 52 weeks. This is made up of 26 weeks of ‘Ordinary Maternity Leave’ and 26 weeks of ‘Additional Maternity Leave’. Please see the government website here for more information.  

For the ECF, please get in touch if you have an ECT or mentor going on Maternity leave or long term absence, we will pause their training with UCL who can reinstate when the ECTs returns to school.

For statutory induction (Appropriate body):

  • On ECT Manager, your Induction Tutor will change your status to ‘On Hold’ and note that you are on maternity leave. Your Induction Tutor will then reactivate you once you return.

  • When you return from maternity, if you choose to extend your induction period then you should have this extended by the total period of your absence. Any remaining progress reviews or assessments should also be moved forward by the total period of your absence. 

  • If when you return from maternity you choose not to extend your induction, then induction should be resumed as if you had not been on maternity leave. In these circumstances you will have to undertake any outstanding assessment upon your return. The exact timing of any outstanding assessment is for you and your school to agree. If you choose not to extend your induction period you will still have your performance assessed against the Teachers’ Standards therefore it is recommended that, in this situation, you seek advice before making such a decision

  • By the end of your two-year induction period, if this includes a period of absence for maternity leave, you should have formal assessment reports completed for both formal assessment points clearly showing your performance against the Teachers’ Standards at the time of the assessments. 

For further information around how to manage engagement with the ECF when going on /maternity leave and advice if an ECT was to return part- time, please have a read of the policy linked here.

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