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ECT Leaving school

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ECT Leaving school

If you are an ECT moving school or an induction tutor wanting to inform us of an ECT leaving school, please complete the change of circumstance form below, it will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. We will then action the change with UCL who will defer the ECT from ECF programme. Please ensure you also complete the form with their mentor details so we can defer them too, unless the mentor is also mentoring another ECT who is staying at school.

To access the form please click here to open it in a new browser window.

You will also need to inform your Appropriate Body so an interim assessment can be generated and the Teaching Regulation Agency informed.

If you work with us as your AB and your ECT is leaving at the end of a term, please ensure you select the option to state the ECT won’t be remaining at school when completing the termly review, this will automatically convert the report to an interim assessment. If your ECT is leaving part-way through a term, please get in touch, so we can generate the interim for you.

Please note: a minimum of 1 full term must be covered in order for the term to count towards the ECTs completion of Statutory Induction.

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